****Tomato, Roma

Producer: .KelRae Farm

Category: Fruit & Produce

Roma tomatoes, another seasonal favorite. The Roma tomato is perfect for baking, making sauce, soup and salsa and simply adding to a salad. Roma's are typically a thicker tomato and therefore they tend to be less watery. Roma's are great for making Tomato Pies.



Available At These Locations

KelRae Farm - Thursday | Kelrae Farm LFPA GCOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA PGOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA WHOM (Private) | LFPA - WJCC Schools - Laurel Lane (Private) | LFPA - WJCC Schools - Stonehouse (Private)


$2.50 per Pound
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$40.00 per 1/2 bushel (approx 25 pounds).
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