Birdhouse Gourd (DIY family project!)

Producer: .KelRae Farm

Category: Gardening,Gifts & Crafts

The Birdhouse Gourds are ready for family craft time and bird house making! The perfect DIY family project. Mosquito-eating purple martins love to live in these guys. You will want a few around your outdoor spaces this summer!



Available At These Locations

KelRae Farm - Thursday | Kelrae Farm LFPA GCOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA PGOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA WHOM (Private) | LFPA - WJCC Schools - Laurel Lane (Private) | LFPA - WJCC Schools - Stonehouse (Private)


$3.75 per Dried and ready to use.
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$4.00 per Large Green Gourd
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