KRF Drumhellers Apple, Gold Rush

Producer: .KelRae Farm

Category: Fruit & Produce

This apple is the next best thing since the Honey Crisp and Ever Crisp! The Gold Rush apple is a golden delicious seed, with crosses from several other varieties including Winesap, Melrose, and Rome. They are a mildly sweet/slight tart apple with a very crispy flesh! Perfect for fresh eating, salads, cooking and juice or cider! Simply a "perfect" apple for everything. They are a must try!!



Available At These Locations

KelRae Farm - Thursday | KelRae Farm LFPA WHOM (Private) | Kelrae Farm LFPA GCOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA PGOC (Private)


$12.50 per per 1/4 peck
In stock
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