Maple Pork Sausage Grillers


Producer: Bees Knees Farm

Category: Meat & Seafood

Maple sausage grillers from forest-raised purebred Berkshire pigs. Perfect size for a bun or on the grill! 4 grillers per package (~1 lb).

Fed non-GMO grains, and no dewormers, antibiotics or other medications administered during their lifetime.

Ingredients: Pork, sugar, salt, maple flavoring, spices, collagen casing.


Antibiotic Free Frozen Gluten Free Herbicide Free Hormone Free Local Maple Naturally Grown Nitrate Free Non-GMO Pasture Raised Pesticide Free Sugar Free Sustainable Practices Wheat Free Woodland Raised

Available At These Locations

Kelrae Farm LFPA GCOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA PGOC (Private) | KelRae Farm LFPA WHOM (Private)


$11.00 per Pound
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